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Meet Your Instructors

Over 10+ years of design experience under his belt, Charley Pangus took his design skills to Youtube where he amassed over 250,000 subscribers teaching merch design. Some of his most noteworthy clients include: Thy Art Is Murder, FullSend, Bella+Canvas, Apliiq, Gelato, Printify, Printful, Squarespace, Wix, Shein, Oceans Ate Alaska, Our Last Night, Wage War, War Of Ages, Braison Cyrus, Trace Cyrus and more.

Charley Pangus


Meet Your Instructors

Zac Shiffer is a distinguished, award-winning Art Director, Designer, and Artist who leverages his BFA in Graphic Design from The University of the Arts (PHL) and over 18 years of experience in the industry, he has excelled in both agency settings and as the founder of his own successful practice. His vision extends beyond the digital realm, where his visual art has been featured in galleries across the US and sought after by private collectors globally. He has worked with an array of notable clients, including Shrine of Malice, Vale of Pnath, Marilyn Manson, Ritual Aesthetic, Harley-Davidson, Kia, and Paul Booth's Last Rites Gallery. Zac's expertise in typography has been recognized by Print Magazine, as he was recently featured in their 2023 PRINT Typography Report: Why Type Empathy Matters.

Zac Shiffer


Course curriculum

    1. Document Setup + Keyboard Shortcuts

    2. Photoshop Workspaces

    3. Menu Systems

    4. Creating Shapes

    5. Type Tool

    6. Adjustment Layers, Layer Styles, Masks and more.

    7. Exploring Filter Gallery

    8. Making Selections

    9. Blend Modes

    1. Grid Systems

    2. Visual Hierarchy

    3. Leading The Eye

    4. Color Theory

    1. Finding & Installing Fonts

    2. Customizing Fonts Using Photoshop & Illustrator

    1. Texturing Using Images & Blend Modes

    2. Texturing Using Brushes

    3. Texturing Using Displacement Maps

    1. Finding Images, Fonts & More

    2. Understanding Copyright

    1. Create A Family Crest

    2. Create A Gym Logo

    3. Create A Design Using Imagery

About this course

  • $350.00
  • 32 lessons
  • Over 15 Hours Of On-Demand Video Lessons
  • Life-Time Access To Current & New Lessons
  • Certificate


  • What if i'm a complete beginner?

    We designed this course to work with all skill levels. Even if you have never touched photoshop or illustrator your entire life, you can still dive into this course and learn!

  • Is this course world-wide?

    Anyone can take this course, no matter their location.

  • What are the requirements to take this course?

    All you will need is determination and Photoshop to follow along.

  • Will the price of the course increase?

    If you pre-order now, you will be locked in and have life-time access to the course without spending a penny more. Please note: after the course launches this April, the price will go up, so make sure you lock in your spot now.